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Eva’s Coffee, a registered Trade Mark of E-Logistics Limited, is headquartered in the vibrant city of Nairobi, Kenya. Fully licensed by the Coffee Board of Kenya as a Coffee Dealer, Eva’s Coffee is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the coffee industry. Our commitment is not just to deliver exceptional coffee but to honor and support the hardworking individuals who make it all possible. At Eva’s Coffee, we believe in putting the aspirations and needs of coffee producers at the very core of our business.


To be the leading coffee brand that epitomizes quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, creating a transformative impact on the coffee industry and the lives of coffee producers in Kenya.


Our mission at Eva’s Coffee is to create a sustainable, equitable, and thriving coffee industry in Kenya.

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Licensed and Regulated Excellence

Eva’s Coffee is fully licensed by the Coffee Board of Kenya as a Coffee Dealer, a distinction that underscores our commitment to adhering to the stringent regulations and high standards set by the governing body. This license is more than just a formality; it is a testament to our dedication to maintaining the integrity, quality, and ethical standards of the coffee trade in Kenya. The Coffee Board of Kenya is renowned for its rigorous oversight and quality control, ensuring that every batch of coffee that passes through our hands meets the highest possible standards.

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

At Eva’s Coffee, we understand that delivering exceptional coffee requires an unwavering commitment to quality at every stage of the process. From selecting the finest coffee beans to employing expert roasting techniques, our focus is on ensuring that every cup of Eva’s Coffee is a masterpiece. However, our commitment extends beyond the product itself; it encompasses a deep respect and support for the individuals who labor tirelessly to bring this product to life.